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This is a home grown story. It started 15 years ago an adoring family man and passionate coffee drinker tried the ‘best coffee’ on his travels. He had been on a mission, a search, for the be all and end all of coffee; finally, finding it in the exotic escapes of Thailand. Upon discovering this hidden gem of a cafe, his visits to Thailand became increasingly frequent and the experience was well worth the travels. The sweet aroma and distinct scent of the cafe was all together breath-taking. To top it, the hospitality and friendliness of the staff made sure that he would not miss a chance to visit the place. He described it as the ultimate coffee drinkers’ getaway and wanted to bring this heavenly rich scented coffee to the Middle East. He could not leave this amazing discovery hidden in one place. He wanted to share the sweet joy of the cafe with the world and so Coffeol was born.

Dubai, the ever growing cosmopolitan city was his starting point. Prior to this, Coffeol has been expanding internationally as well as within the UAE. With 10 branches in Dubai, 8 in Thailand, and 2 in Romania so far, Coffeol is moving towards its goal.

We are a niche coffee shop serving organic coffee. In addition to this, we offer healthy food options to promote a healthy lifestyle. The quality of the food and drinks are our top priority. To ensure high standards and quality, we prepare everything in our own kitchen, meaning everything is under our control. We strive to give every visitor the same amazing experience, so we train and educate our staff regularly. This way, both the customers and staff enjoy learning about the vast exquisite products available in Coffeol. We believe that this experience can bring a better and brighter chapter to a person’s life with every sip.

Coffeol serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers. The size of a typical Coffeol outlet is between 600 sq. ft and 1200sq.ft with a customer flow of 412 checks per day.

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